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3 Best Sauna Accessories & Essentials to Enhance Your Experience

Wooden Sauna Bucket
A sauna ladle and bucket are used to periodically pour water over sauna rocks for a puff of steam, a phenomenon called löyly in Finland. Not only does this produce the hot and humid atmosphere crucial for a relaxing experience, the vapor helps to clear the lungs, cleanse the skin, and lower blood pressure, among other health benefits. A wooden pail is traditionally used, as it's capable of handling high temperatures, but modern products like this Finn Style Rento Pisara Amber Sauna Bucket is also a solid choice.

Sauna Back Rest
If your back just can't take the hard wooden bench of a sauna, for some lumbar support, look no further than an ergonomic backrest. This particular one is handmade by Uncle Savola in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan out of pinewood, but backrests are found in a variety of wood and shapes. For maximum comfort, wooden headrests are also popular additions.

Sauna Sand Timer
If you're the type that likes to keep track of time–or loses it–a sand timer may be for you. While many seasoned sauna-goers know just how long their body can take the heat, if you're still figuring out how long before your next cold plunge, a timer can help keep you on track. While a clock works here just as well, an old-school hourglass is a little less distracting from the meditative vibe of a sauna room.

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