About saunas with glass

Can saunas have glass walls?

The glass walls of the sauna provided plenty of light and made our installation feel more spacious. The glass walls of the sauna and steam room have clean lines and excellent visibility. Frameless construction ensures clear visibility from inside the steam hood.

Why do saunas have glass doors?

The seal keeps the heat in the sauna and ensures that the door closes smoothly. Glass doors add brightness and impression to the space. They are also safer and make it easier for you to babysit in the sauna.

Which glass should be used in a sauna?

Insulated tempered glass is usually made by bonding two pieces of glass together. Therefore, it is thicker than ordinary glass used for house windows. Using tempered glass for your windows and doors is always a better option. Tempered glass will ensure your sauna's heat is kept inside the sauna.

How thick should the sauna glass be?

By default, sauna walls and sauna doors are made of 8mm tempered glass.

Can saunas have glass doors?

Most saunas have European style full glass doors. But you can also choose from a variety of door and window styles to personalize your sauna.

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