Applicable places for sauna room

1. Family

Space saving: It only occupies about one square meter, which is more space-saving than a sofa, and integrates with the luxury decoration of the family, showing the nobility of identity.

Power saving: The light wave physiotherapy room only needs 0.5 kWh of electricity for 60 minutes of normal use.

Suitable for all ages: a smartmak sauna room | The far-infrared sauna room can be used by the whole family and enjoy the joy of a healthy family.

2. Beauty salon

Using smartmak private sauna room | Far infrared sauna room can increase the service items, from simple external care to internal and external dual care, beauty, body effect, will be welcomed by consumers.

3. Hotel

40-60 minutes of light wave therapy can help guests to expel the waste that leads to fatigue, fully supply the oxygen needed by cells, relieve fatigue, relieve tension, relax nervous nerves, and fall asleep easily.
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