Are infrared saunas safe electromagnetic fields?

All in all, infrared sauna therapy is completely safe. Since the amount and type of EMF is very low, EMF exposure is not dangerous. Go ahead and reap these health benefits from your infrared sauna sessions. When it comes to EMF, you don't need to worry!

Far Infrared Sauna - Under what circumstances can a far infrared sauna not be used
1. Sauna also depends on the physical condition of the person. People with poor heart function, people with cardiomyopathy, or people with congenital heart disease cannot use the sauna, and patients with cardiovascular disease or no symptoms The potential patients, including chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, high blood viscosity, as well as people with diabetes, obesity, and family history of heart disease, are also not suitable.

2. The temperature of the sauna room is relatively high. The temperature of wet steaming is before 40-50 degrees, and the temperature of dry steaming is between 70-90 degrees. Therefore, under such high temperature conditions, the metabolism of the human body will be particularly fast. This can also easily cause the blood to flow too fast, which may be several times the normal flow rate, so the pressure on the heart is extraordinarily large. At the same time, high temperature can cause disturbances in the human body's internal environment, sympathetic nerve excitation, rapid heart rate, coronary artery contraction, increased myocardial oxygen consumption, and increased heart workload, making the already fragile heart even more overwhelmed.

3. In addition, in the sauna room, the human body sweats a lot, the blood will become viscous, it is easy to form blood clots, and lead to the occurrence of various cardiovascular diseases. Especially the elderly, their thermoregulatory center is not very sensitive, so it is not suitable for sauna. Also, don't take a sauna when you're overworked or hungry. When people are tired or hungry, their muscle tension is poor, their tolerance to cold and heat stimulation is reduced, and they are prone to collapse when taking a sauna.
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