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Benefits and Precautions of Far Infrared Sauna

1. Improve the body's ability to adjust

Far-infrared rays are a kind of invisible light. Although the development of the effect on the human body is relatively late, it has been proved that it is closely related to the physiological reflection of the human body, especially the 5.6-15 μm band beam, which produces physiological activation on the human body and helps to improve the human body’s self-esteem. The ability to regulate has attracted great attention from the medical community and is widely used in medical treatment, and is called "fertility light" by experts.

2. Promote metabolism

Far-infrared rays act on the human body and have three main characteristics: one is radiation, the other is strong penetration, and the third is absorption, resonance and resonance. The surface of the human body receives far-infrared rays, which are conducted and penetrated from the surface to the inside, and are absorbed to produce a warming effect, which resonates and resonates with the tissue cells in the body, and promotes activity. And because of the warming effect, the human body's microvessels expand, the self-discipline is strengthened, and the blood circulation is accelerated. Due to the resonance and resonance, the active response of cells is enhanced, and the exchange of substances between cells and blood is accelerated, thereby promoting the metabolism of the body. This is the principle of the effect of far infrared rays on the human body.

3. Promote human circulation

The human body has caused many diseases due to the disorder of blood circulation and poor metabolism. These diseases are generally caused by hypoxia and insufficient supply and slowing down of cell metabolism due to circulatory disorders, resulting in toxic symptoms. This is the saying that "hypoxia is the source of all diseases". Far infrared rays act on the human body to produce absorption, resonance and resonance, which promotes the incorporation of various nutrients and therapeutic drugs and the discharge of impurities. It has been clinically proven that far infrared rays also have antibacterial and deodorizing functions.

4. Prevent disease

Far-infrared rays are suitable for the treatment, auxiliary treatment and health care prevention of various diseases. For example, it has a significant effect on rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar cervical spondylosis and benign joint pain, and has a good preventive and adjuvant treatment effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. good effect. In addition, it has the functions of caring for the skin, eliminating fatigue and promoting development.

Second, the use of far-infrared sauna room precautions

The use of far-infrared saunas can cause a series of systemic physiological changes. High temperature and high humidity make the heart beat faster and blood pressure rise to a certain extent, while cold water immersion will slow down the heartbeat and lower blood pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the indoor temperature, humidity and bathing time, including the number of cold and heat exchanges. When first bathing, high temperature steam
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