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Benefits of sweating in a sauna

1. The most significant point of sweat steaming is to whiten the skin and change the skin texture, especially for women. After a few times of steaming, the skin will be smooth and tender;

2. It has the effect of eliminating fat, moisturizing skin, bodybuilding and shaping, and also has a significant effect on weight loss;

3. The natural negative oxygen ions released by the functional materials in the steam room can clear the lungs and resolve phlegm, relieve tension and soothe the nerves;

Steam for 30 minutes:

Equivalent to 10 full body massages;

Equivalent to 45 minutes of lymphatic drainage;

Equivalent to 1 hour to clear the meridians of the whole body;

Equivalent to the fat consumed by running 8 kilometers;

Equivalent to 3 whole body whitening and moisturizing;

Equivalent to absorbing negative oxygen ions for 3 hours;

Equivalent to 500 aerobic chest expansion exercises;

Equivalent to 36 million cell movements;

Equivalent to the discharge of 4.1 grams of visceral toxins;

It is equivalent to doing a whole body viscera SPA.

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