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Building a sauna at home - how to build a home sauna?

Building a sauna at home - choose the size of the sauna you want to make
Before you start planning the sauna you want to do for a few people, it's important how big you want your sauna to be. Because any of these factors determine the size of the room to accommodate the space that several people will occupy. The smaller the room, the better the space. The equipment power requirement of the sauna furnace is also small, and the heating speed in the room will be faster, which saves heating time and energy, and requires less sauna boards, so it will save a lot of costs. , after determining the size of the sauna, you can accurately calculate how much material is needed.

Build a sauna at home - prepare materials according to your planned room size
Measure the size of the sauna room in the room you choose, use a tape measure to locate the length X width X height, calculate the approximate requirements of the sauna board wood required by the sauna room according to the size of the room, and calculate the sauna furnace equipment according to the area of ​​the sauna room. The required power needs to use the power of the square meter. Maybe you can also find a professional sauna equipment manufacturer and supplier to come to your home to measure and make a plan for your reference. Identify all materials for assembly preparation after completion.

Building a sauna at home - installation to build the overall framework
Use wood to build the entire sauna room frame on the wall. It is necessary to ensure that the main frame of the entire room is strong, safe, and firm. After the overall frame is completed, the 220V power cord is pre-buried, and the protection is carried out according to the electricity specification. Leakage protects the wire casing, and reserve the relevant lamp connection wire, temperature sensor probe wire automatic sprinkler system wire, etc.
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