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Home sauna is an innovative product in the 21st century. Although it is not considered a hot industry in this industry, the development in recent years has been rapid and rapid. The market demand is also relatively large, and it is generally first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Tianjin, Chongqing, and the three northeastern provinces and so on, from the current installation situation, the domestic sauna market in the three northeastern provinces is relatively large, and the number of installations is greater than that of other cities. It is known that the three northeastern provinces are relatively cold places in winter, and winter sauna is a kind of enjoyment. Also able to health, chat, talk, home sauna Although it belongs to high-end technology products, but easy to control, there is no complicated steps, just set the control panel to complete the operation steps, home is very convenient and practical, in today's advanced technology The pursuit is not money but having a healthy body. While money is important, it is insignificant compared to health. Even if a family has no good health, it is futile. Health is what every family wants. , 20-40 years old people will always be busy at work, will If you lose health, people will realize how important health is once they reach the age of 50. Although home saunas can't rejuvenate you, he can slow down aging, promote blood circulation, increase immunity, and make sleep more adequate and more practical. In the haze era, the choice of the same destination, the home sauna cares for the health of the whole family.

The quality of the home sauna is directly related to the effect of the sauna. The home sauna material is divided into Finland imported pine wood, Canada imported iron fir and Canada imported cedar, and Finland imported pine wood belongs to the most common materials of these three materials. Advantages: economical and practical, low cost, shortcomings: the surface of the board has a stifling effect on the overall appearance, but does not affect the overall use, Canada imported iron cedar is a high-end material, advantages: its sheet wood fine, good insulation, durable, sound insulation effect Well, often under the influence of high temperature is not easy to crack, Canada imported Cedar is also known as "Red Cedar" is a high-end material, its advantages, made the home sauna and its beautiful, high-end atmosphere, more grades, a kind of luxury The feeling of the atmosphere, without sacrificing the style of the atmosphere, the quality of the sauna made by these three materials is good, although the price is much higher than that of ordinary domestic plates, but the products that are made are indeed tall and if we Take a comparison of domestic and imported materials, we can clearly know Not a grade of products, so the imported material of the home sauna whether in terms of quality, workmanship, safety, practicality and durability are worth recommending, the quality of the home sauna directly affects the effect of imported materials The insulation is good, the wood grain density is relatively high, the heat dissipation is relatively slow, and it is very energy-efficient. The sauna effect is excellent. Therefore, we strongly recommend the domestic sauna of imported materials.
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