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What about a home sauna

Can a sauna be used as a sauna?
absolutely okay. But you need to use a sauna-style tub, a tub that can generate preserved steam, or add a heat-resistant plastic cover to your tub to match.

Household portable sauna box is easy to use
Sauna boxes are very easy to use, but when choosing, you should also pay attention to comparing a few to see the quality and cost-effectiveness. The sauna box allows water molecules to freely enter and exit between cells, and then through resonance resonance, it is converted into heat energy, so that the temperature of the deep subcutaneous layer is slightly increased, the blood flow speed is accelerated, and the capillaries are dilated; the more capillaries are opened, the pressure can be reduced. reduce and activate water molecules.

Do you think home saunas are good?
Very good, it's good to buy one and keep it at home. The space that a home sauna can divide. With a sauna, when you shower with the jets, the water won't splash out and wet the air in the entire bathroom. Using a sauna in winter can also play a role in keeping warm. The water vapor is gathered in a small space, and the heat will not be lost quickly, making people feel very warm.

Which is the best home sauna
It is best to use far-infrared light wave room now: 1. Practical fitness: three major effects of far-infrared 1: Penetration effect - far-infrared can penetrate 4--5 cm of human skin, directly acting on the deep body, scientifically replenishing life cell energy, regulating deep physiology. 2: Resonance effect - the normal temperature of the human body is 36.5 degrees, which is equivalent to a wavelength of 9.36 microns. The far infrared rays of the corresponding wavelength act on the human body to produce obvious resonance phenomenon, stimulate the movement of water molecules in the body, increase the oxygen content in the blood To enhance its fluidity, promote metabolism, and comprehensively improve the microcirculation of the human body.
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