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Can I shower after dry sauna?

Can I take a shower after a dry sauna? can. It’s just that it’s not advisable to take a bath immediately or it’s not recommended. Even if you want to take a bath, you should wait at least 6 hours before taking a bath.

Because bathing immediately after steaming is vulnerable to wind and cold, because when steaming, the body opens up the microcirculation of the body under the action of far-infrared rays, and at the same time, cells are repaired under the agitation of negative ions, and the pores are in an open state. Bathing at this time is very vulnerable to the attack of wind and cold. The invasion of wind and cold starts from the pores. Even if you use hot water to take a bath, you will also feel cold after taking a bath, thus interrupting the repair process.

Notes for users of sauna:

1. Do not take a sauna on an empty stomach to avoid collapse. It is not advisable to take a sauna just after using the brain excessively or after intense exercise, as it will cause brain anemia or shock.

2. It is not suitable to take a sauna within half an hour after a full meal. This is because the high temperature makes the skin blood vessels dilate and the blood flows back in large quantities, thus affecting the blood supply of the digestive organs and hindering the digestion and absorption of food.

3. Do not touch the cold air immediately after steaming in the sauna, to prevent stroke caused by severe vasoconstriction caused by large temperature difference.

4. Be sure to add more water when taking a sauna to avoid heat exhaustion and other phenomena. It is best to drink two glasses of plain water before taking a sauna, which can enhance blood circulation and replenish water faster. In the process of steaming, you should also replenish water in time. It is best to carry a bottle of water with you, and don't wait until you are thirsty to drink.
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