Can You Build a Sauna Out of Any Wood?

How to build your own sauna at home becomes the question we have to consider. The following will introduce how to choose the wood for the sauna.

What kind of wood is the sauna board
There are many kinds of wood that can be made, among which Canadian hemlock is the best. Another is red cedar: red cedar wood has good sound insulation and heat insulation, contains natural extracts, does not require preservatives and pressure treatments, and can protect the wood from insects, fungi and termites.

The materials of the sauna board are mainly Finnish spruce, sycamore pine, red cedar, as well as hemlock, Douglas fir and so on. The red cedar sauna board has no stutter, clear texture, bright color, good texture and fine workmanship, which are paint-free and inevitable paint. Pine sycamore sauna board is the most popular product in the market, with low price and good texture; red cedar sauna board is stable in size, not easily deformed, and has a natural aroma, which is most suitable for building sauna rooms. Red cedar is a kind of natural anti-corrosion wood, which has not undergone any treatment. Red cedar has the functions of anti-corrosion, anti-mildew and anti-rot.

These woods have been degreased at high temperature and have no peculiar smell. Pine wood is soft, with medium-to-high density, slow heat conduction, and heat preservation. If you use metal materials, water vapor will increase its oxidation and corrosion, and plastic products will emit odor. Using wood is an environmentally friendly and safe choice.
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