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Can you take a sauna outdoors in winter?

After the weather gets cold, sauna is a good choice for many friends, not only for detoxification but also for beauty and slimming, so does barrel sauna work in cold weather? Let's take a look below.

In winter, you can not only take a sauna, but also a good season to take a sauna. Sauna refers to the process of using steam to perform physical therapy on the human body in a closed room. Usually, the temperature in the sauna can reach more than 60 ℃.

It uses the hot and cold stimulation of repeated dry steaming and flushing of the whole body to repeatedly expand and contract blood vessels, thereby enhancing the elasticity of blood vessels and preventing vascular sclerosis. It is better to take a sauna in winter, mainly because it can evaporate sweat through the sweat glands and eliminate toxins in the body, which can better maintain the health of the body. However, you must pay attention to drinking water properly before taking the sauna to avoid dehydration. Ten to thirty minutes is ideal.

Take a sauna or massage your back to sweat in winter to make your body healthier. When the weather turns cold, many people like to take a sauna in the bathroom, and they have to sweat a lot to feel refreshed.
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