cheapest sauna wood

pine. In general, pine wood is one of the cheapest options for building a sauna and is often used for framing due to its low cost. Most pine types are a darker wood that looks similar to spruce, but they tend to have more knots.

Are pine trees suitable for saunas?
Radiata pine is a coniferous tree of the Pinaceae family. Its rapid growth and good quality make it one of the most planted conifers in many parts of the world. With no exposed knots, the wood does not secrete resin, splinter or overheat, making it ideal for sauna benches.

Which wood is best for a sauna?
Western red cedar is our preferred wood for saunas. Cedar is colorful in appearance and shades, stable, yet soft, resisting warping under the heat and humidity changes common in saunas. Cedar also has a low density, making it a good insulator, heating up and cooling quickly.
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