Christmas season is also sauna season? Finnish sauna culture

A sauna is a traditional way to welcome Christmas in Finland. A few years ago, Finns returned home from public saunas and made their own saunas at home, but recently, public saunas have started to see a resurgence. Because, people find that public saunas have better steam equipment, feel more comfortable, and can socialize while steaming in the sauna. Organisers of the Christmas market say public saunas are more popular than before, representing a fusion of old and new traditions, and many young people are now falling in love with public saunas.

Also, many Finns consider public saunas a good place to do business. There are no suits and shoes here, everyone is himself and it's easy to haggle when doing a sauna.

Finland has a population of about 5.5 million, and according to the Finnish Sauna Association, there are 2 million saunas in Finland. Whether it's an urban apartment, a country cottage, or old phone booths and tents can become saunas. There is even a saying that in Finland three things are inevitable in life: birth, death and sauna. According to the Finnish Sauna Association, "sauna" comes from an old Finnish word meaning bath, which is the only Finnish word that is widely used internationally.

Finnish sauna lovers: Finnish traditions are a little different from Central European or British American culture, we have (sauna) elves, kind of like people helping Santa Claus.

According to the Finns, to grab an elf's heart, you have to grab his stomach first. When you go to the sauna, be sure to put a bowl of elf's favorite porridge in the corner of the sauna.
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