Consider the following points before buying a sauna

Consider these points before buying a sauna

When pricing a sauna stove, the biggest factor in determining cost is the size of the sauna. The stove needs to heat the sauna to a certain temperature, so the larger the size and capacity of the sauna, the more stove output you will need.

Small saunas don't need that much heat source and the price will vary from person to person. Expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand dollars for a sauna stove, depending on the size of your sauna and the type of heater you choose.

Outdoor freestanding saunas can be built in any space that can accommodate a garden shed. The main consideration for a freestanding sauna is that you need a solid, level foundation for the sauna, usually constructed of cement. The outdoor structure doesn't have to be too big, as typical saunas have 7-foot ceilings and are available for two- or three-person saunas.

Sure, you can build a larger sauna, but you also need a larger heat output, which will translate into a more expensive stove to heat the increased area. Of course you can customize our sauna.

People use saunas for different reasons, whether at home, in a spa, or in a gym locker room. In Finland and other Scandinavian countries, saunas have important cultural significance. It's not uncommon for colleagues to bond in the sauna.
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