Do outdoor saunas work in winter?The benefits of using a sauna in winter

Can you take a sauna in winter? The benefits of taking a sauna in winter

In winter, you can not only take a sauna, but also a good season to take a sauna. Sauna refers to the process of using steam to perform physical therapy on the human body in a closed room. Usually, the temperature in the sauna can reach more than 60 ℃. It uses the hot and cold stimulation of repeated dry steaming and flushing of the whole body to repeatedly expand and contract blood vessels, thereby enhancing the elasticity of blood vessels and preventing vascular sclerosis. It is better to take a sauna in winter, mainly because it can evaporate sweat through the sweat glands and eliminate toxins in the body, which can better maintain the health of the body. However, you must pay attention to drinking water properly before taking the sauna to avoid dehydration. Ten to thirty minutes is ideal.

Benefits of taking a sauna in winter

beauty care

Taking a sauna in winter can help open pores and flush out toxins from the body, resulting in better skin. For the skin, in the process of steam bathing, the blood vessels of the skin will expand, and the body will sweat a lot to expel subcutaneous dirt, which can improve the permeability of epidermal cells, activate cells, and make the skin tissue obtain more nutrients. In addition, sauna has certain benefits for weight loss, it can burn excess calories, eliminate excess fat, make the body slim, slender and stylish.

relieve anxiety

Taking a sauna in winter is a very relaxing thing. When the human body is tired, taking a bath can relieve fatigue and feel good. Because when we take a bath, our skin pores will be fully stretched out. The skin is like breathing as much as you want, thus achieving the effect of soothing the mind and body. And people who have poor sleep for a long time have anxiety, and those who are depressed take a bath. It can relax muscles and bones and eliminate fatigue. Promote our blood circulation, make us anxious and depressed. It also provides quick relaxation for relief.

remove moisture

People with hot and humid constitution can let the moisture and heat in the body dissipate through sweat through the sauna, so that the Qi and blood can be relaxed, and it can also relieve muscle soreness. Therefore, those with heavy limbs, yellow and greasy tongue coating, oily face, and acne-prone damp-heat constitution can often go to the sauna to expel the moisture from the body.
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