Do Saunas Burn Fat? Can you lose weight?

Sauna is indeed able to lose weight, because when you take a sauna, some metabolites and toxins can be excreted in the body, which can accelerate the metabolism of body fat to reduce weight and achieve the effect of weight loss. However, sauna can lose weight, this effect is not very obvious.

I think the most effective way to lose weight is a reasonable diet and exercise. We need to eat some low-energy food, coupled with exercise, can achieve a good weight loss effect. Usually, you can eat some low-energy vegetables, such as spinach, mung bean sprouts, kelp, mushrooms, etc. These vegetables have very low energy. If you usually have a meal, such as dinner, you can take a walk before going to bed, increase some exercise, and also have the effect of losing weight.

Sauna can lose weight, but not all people are suitable for sauna, such as people with heart disease, muscle tension and hot and cold stimulation, people with low tolerance, people who drink alcohol or excessive fatigue, these people are not Suitable for sauna to lose weight.
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