Do saunas need a lot of maintenance?

Traditional or infrared saunas require very little, if any, maintenance. The only maintenance really needed is to wipe down the walls and benches with a mild water and soap solution every once in a while. Regular sauna maintenance is like maintaining any other room in your home.

Sauna maintenance method:

1. The sauna room must be equipped with a trained staff member to carry out maintenance and interpretation;

2. Smoking is prohibited in the sauna room, and the use of fire is prohibited;

3. Please open the door to exchange gas in the sauna room every morning, noon and night;

4. When scrubbing the sauna, do not use a decontamination agent with a strong smell;

5. The ground temperature of the sauna room should not exceed 48 degrees, and the general operation is sufficient;

6. The room temperature of the sauna room is an automatic control system. The temperature is set in the middle of 42°-48°. The thermometer is used as the standard, and the temperature controller is used to adjust it. The temperature in the room should not exceed 55°.

7. Be sure to use ultraviolet germicidal lamps to disinfect and sterilize the sauna room every morning;

8. The sauna room needs to be pre-heated within 120 minutes before opening the physical store;

9. The ambient humidity in the sauna room should not exceed 80%, and do not spray water for cleaning. If there is an accident, please disconnect the power supply immediately, fire and evacuate consumers, and then deal with it after finding out the reason.
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