Do you need to wear underwear in the sauna?

You can wear underwear or panties when you steam mulberry, because there are special clothes for steaming sauna, but it is recommended to wear them, because although the clothes in the sauna room are cleaned and disinfected, after all, the sauna clothes are shared, so it is better to wear them. better.

What is the best thing to wear when steaming?

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Since perspiration is a way of using high temperature to increase body temperature for perspiration, if you wear clothing for daily activities,When sweating, the sweat will be absorbed by the clothes and stick to the body, which will cause a strong discomfort.Therefore, the clothes worn by sweating are spacious, and need to have the characteristics of strong air permeability and comfortable materials, so that you can get a more comfortable experience during sweating, but in general, sweating halls will be equipped with professional sweats. Steam clothes, if you bring your own, it is recommended to prepare loose cotton clothes.
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