Does a home sauna with a window consume electricity?

If you have seen more pictures of home sauna room decoration cases, you may find that some sauna rooms have windows and some do not! So do you want to keep windows for home use? Will this consume a lot of power?

In fact, many sauna rooms can keep windows. There is a phenomenon that commercial ones rarely keep windows. Basically, they close the windows. However, most of them keep windows for home use. What is the reason?

For general commercial use, it is basically used every day, and it may be used for more than ten hours. Therefore, power consumption is very important, because saving electricity is profit, and waste is cost! Adding more windows will indeed cause heat loss, and the corresponding electricity bill will be higher, which is why commercial companies are reluctant to keep windows!

Home sauna decoration is different! Because domestic use is not like commercial use, it needs to be turned on frequently. It may only be turned on three or four times a week, and each time it is turned on for one or two hours, so it basically does not require much electricity bills, although there is a loss of heat, But not much, so it's almost negligible!

In addition, there is another advantage of keeping windows in the home sauna room decoration, that is, ventilation! We all know that after the home sauna room is renovated, it can be said to be very tightly packaged. If you do not pay attention to ventilation, it is easy to breed bacteria. At the same time, the surrounding wood structure is easy to rot and damage. There is at least a window with air circulation. The air in the room is exchanged, making the room dry and the air fresh!
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