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Does taking a sauna help to dehumidify?

For patients with heavy humidity, sweat steaming is more useful. Sweat steaming can help to expel sweat, thereby removing moisture. Han steaming belongs to a kind of process of removing moisture and cold toxin. The steam room uses far-infrared high temperature to make the body sweat. In this way, toxins, garbage and dampness and cold air can be quickly excreted from the body. In the process of perspiration, the body will perspire a lot, and during the perspiration process, the damp and cold air in the body will be discharged along with it. Sweat steam can quickly speed up the body's metabolism, speed up the circulation, take away the garbage in the body, cold and damp.

How to tell if you are wet
Sweat steaming can help remove moisture, but some people don't know if they need to remove moisture.

look at poop
If the daily stool is not formed and sticks to the toilet and is not easy to flush, the body needs to dehumidify;

look at the tongue coating
If you find that the tongue coating is thick and greasy after getting up in the morning, your body needs to dehumidify;

look at appetite
If you find that you have a poor appetite and often have a sticky mouth, and you are thirsty but don't want to drink water, your body needs to dehumidify;

look at the spirit
If it is always sleepless, lack of energy, heavy limbs, and feeling uncomfortable, the body needs to dehumidify.
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