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Does the human body suffer from hypoxia during the sauna session?

No, the sauna has a specially designed ventilation system so that you will not feel stuffy or lose heat during the sauna session.

What are "dry steaming" and "wet steaming"?

"Dry steaming" requires not to splash water on the hot sauna stone, so that the indoor humidity is less than 10%. If you like dry steaming, you can choose your favorite book to read and enjoy your time in the sauna atmosphere. The humidity of "wet steaming" will be much higher, more than 35%. I feel that most customers prefer wet steaming. Wet steaming can continuously enjoy the impact of steam. It is unparalleled in terms of eliminating fatigue, cleaning the skin, and removing the garbage in the body of modern people. Yes, in the process of enjoying, it is physical and mental benefit.

Will you lose weight in a sauna?

Yes, but as long as you add water to your body, it will not affect your weight. For those who are doing bodybuilding and weight loss programs, the role of sauna cannot be ignored. With proper exercise and sauna, you will get ideal Body and exceptionally radiant skin.

What is the main function of a sauna?

Why are sauna decks at different heights?
The temperature distribution of the sauna room is uneven, the temperature on the roof is the highest, and the temperature near the floor is the lowest. By choosing a deck with different heights, bathers can choose the temperature that suits them. Where is the best place to put a sauna in a home?
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