Does the sauna consume electricity?

No power consumption, mainly affected by three aspects

1.The size of the area,

2. The warmth of the steam room design,

3.The steam room has a certain voltage.

1. The larger the area, the higher the power consumption. This does not require analysis. A 100-square-meter steam room and a 10-square-meter steam room will consume a lot of electricity no matter how you use it.

2. The degree of warmth in the design, whether the sealing of the door is good enough, whether there is a thermal insulation layer, and whether the material is used enough are all very important.

As a rough calculation, a 1000W sauna will use about 1 kWh (1 kW/h) of electricity. So, you can calculate the cost by multiplying the energy used by the sauna by the 1 kWh fee charged by the power company.

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