Does the sauna run on 110 or 220?

The current draw of a traditional sauna heater is typically 30-60 amps, depending on the size of the heater. Additionally, most North American sauna equipment is designed for 60Hz. AC only, requires 220 volts.

Do Saunas Need Drains?

Commercial saunas have drains for hygiene and cleaning purposes. However, a home sauna does not require a drain because the amount of water it can use is small and the cleaning process does not require a lot of water.

Do saunas need a lot of maintenance?

Maintenance shouldn't be a concern for a sauna. Traditional or infrared saunas require very little, if any, maintenance. The only maintenance really needed is to wipe down the walls and benches with a mild water and soap solution every once in a while.

Can you plug the sauna into a regular socket?

Traditional saunas often have LED lights that plug into a standard 220-volt outlet. All wiring will go into the sauna through your electrician's hole under the duct heater in the sauna wall.

Can an extension cord be used in the sauna?

Extension cords are not recommended as the sauna may not function as designed. Typically, these models can be used at home without electrical modifications.

Can you power a sauna with solar power?

Use free solar energy to heat the sauna. Not yet, but in the future we will design solar energy to power the sauna.

How is an outdoor sauna powered?

Traditionally, a central wood-burning fire heats the outdoor sauna. Hot rocks surround these blazes, and if you pour water over them, steam is created.

Do outdoor saunas work in winter?

Winter is fast approaching and your outdoor sauna needs to be insulated for optimal use. Proper insulation prevents heat from escaping from the sauna. This will keep your outdoor sauna heated longer and help save on your energy costs.
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