Does the type of wood matter?

Does the type of wood matter?

Again, this is a matter of preference. Most high-quality saunas offer two different types of wood, each providing its benefits.

Cedar: This type of wood is the most popular because of its fantastic aroma and resistance to decay, durability, and insect-repelling qualities. It is resistant to extreme weather conditions, so it is a good choice for locations that experience hot or cold weather. Its color, aroma, and resiliency are all factors that lead to its similar price.

Poplar: This beautiful wood can range from pale yellow to white and typically has a straight, uniform grain. It's one of the most cost-effective sauna woods out there, balancing durability, attractiveness, flexibility, and affordability.

Are barrel saunas difficult to assemble?

Barrel Saunas are designed for an effortless installation process. Two people can assemble a barrel sauna in 1.5 to 2 hours. Most barrel sauna kits come with all the necessary for assembling, making it even easier.
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