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Energy private custom sauna room manufacturers

Smartmak Sauna Equipment Company was established in 2005, years of practice, let us understand the needs of various customers. The company has a complete production chain, with excellent quality, and can be purchased and used with confidence. The company now has many types of sauna products, such as: portable steam sauna room, portable far-infrared sauna room, traditional wooden steam sauna room, new-style wooden far-infrared sauna room. These sauna rooms allow you to enjoy a warm and comfortable SPA at home, relax and relieve your stress at home.

Steam sauna and far infrared sauna

Steam sauna: The portable steam sauna has a steamer to generate steam, and the steam is input into the sauna cover through a hose. Wait for the steam to fill the tent, and you can enter the experience. Traditional wooden saunas use an internal heater to heat the stones, and then add water to the stones to generate steam. Of course, you can also choose not to add water and keep it dry.

Far-infrared sauna: The portable far-infrared sauna has three carbon crystal heating panels, and there is a heating foot pad at the bottom, heating more evenly and comfortably. The wooden far-infrared sauna room has three heating methods for you to choose from: red light tube, ceramic tube, and carbon crystal plate.

A series of high-quality sauna products

Portable sauna room: This type of sauna room allows you to enjoy the family SPA anytime and anywhere. It is easy to install when in use, and folds when not in use, and does not take up space.

Traditional wooden sauna: This type of sauna is made of Canadian hemlock or red cedar, with stable performance and various styles. It

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