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Explain in detail how to use far-infrared foot bath barrel

How to use far-infrared foot bath barrels, many people know that this type of foot bath barrel in the health process has played a good effect, for the office crowd, middle-aged friends brought about significant health effects, then far-infrared foot bath barrel in peacetime how to use?

First, it is necessary to turn on the power first. When the red indicator light is on, the temperature of the product can be designed to meet its own needs. Generally, it is best to control the temperature at about 40 degrees.

Secondly, place your feet in the foot tub to reach a healthy foot when the temperature is reached.

Third, the thermostat of the general product is controlled at about 60 degrees, and the temperature can be appropriately adjusted in the process of the foot bath. When the temperature of the box reaches the set temperature, the steam drum will automatically stop heating, when the temperature is low At the set temperature, it will automatically warm up.

Fourth, after the foot bath is completed, the power supply is cut off in a timely manner to avoid the impact of long-term UMC on the equipment. The use of a health foot sauna can relieve all kinds of physical fatigue symptoms, keep away from all kinds of foot diseases, and bring about a healthy physical condition.
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