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Exterior painting of garden saunas

Exterior painting of garden saunas

If you have purchased a barrel sauna or a wood fired hot tub unassembled and unpainted, you should paint its exterior after assembly and installation.

Untreated wooden surface of a garden sauna or a wooden hot tub needs protection against the external factors, such as precipitation, temperature fluctuations, air humidity, and UV radiation.

There are many different paints and impregnation agents suitable for protection of wooden surfaces from the environmental impact. In general, any paints, glazes, and impregnation agents, intended for external wooden surfaces, can be used to protect the wood. It is more important to consider what colour, transparency, and shine you wish to get in the end.

2 main options for surface treatment of Baltresto garden saunas and wooden hot tubs Opaque – these are non-transparent, usually acrylic and alkyd paints, which form an additional layer over the wooden surface. Main distinctive feature of these paints is a monochromatic opaque layer that repeats only the relief, but not the texture of the wood.

The paint is usually applied in 3 or more layers:

The first, primer layer, is necessary for disinfecting and degreasing of a wooden surface. It also makes the surface resistant to moisture and protects against the formation of mold, fungus, and other biological formations on the wood.

The second and third layers are formed by the paint. It is important to use the primer and paint from one manufacturer and apply them according to the instructions. Commonly, hardware stores offer a wide range of different shades and colours of the paints from several manufacturers.Glaze – semi-transparent paint that preserves the appearance of the garden sauna or wooden hot tub and retains its wooden texture. With this type of paint surface retains its natural look, while wooden texture becomes more contrast and beautiful. These paints can be either used with or without a primer.
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