Far infrared heater

Far-infrared heaters are also known as: far-infrared heaters, far-infrared heating panels, far-infrared electric heaters, infrared electric heating panels, infrared electric heaters, etc.

physical properties
The wavelength of the spectrum from 0.76 to 400 microns is called infrared, and infrared is invisible light. All substances above absolute zero (-273°C) can generate infrared light. Modern physics call it heat rays.

Infrared can be divided into two categories: near infrared and far infrared. Near-infrared or short-wave infrared, with a wavelength of 0.76-1.5 microns, penetrates deep into human tissue, about 5-10 mm; far-infrared or long-wave infrared, with a wavelength of 1.5-400 microns, is mostly absorbed by the superficial skin, and penetrates deeper than the tissue 2 mm.

1. Has thermal effect
2. The ability to penetrate clouds and fog is strong (longer wavelength, easy to diffract)

It is suitable for outdoor cafes, golf courses, sauna rooms, indoor and outdoor heating and snow removal. The equipment has a variety of power and radiation angle options; high temperature wires are available.
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