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Far infrared sauna

There are three types of far-infrared emission sources used in far-infrared saunas: tourmaline, far-infrared ceramic tubes, and far-infrared heating plates.

(1) Tourmaline: commonly known as "tourmaline stone", tourmaline needs to reach a certain temperature before it can emit a small amount of far-infrared rays. It cannot conduct electricity directly. Infrared rays, whose wavelength cannot be controlled, are prone to harmful rays and consume the highest energy. Nowadays, there are very few natural tourmaline. Most of the tourmaline sold on the market are synthetic, with low cost and self-evident quality.

(2) Far-infrared ceramic tube: It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high strength, safety and long service life. The far-infrared biological spectrum emitted by the pure ceramic tube is very close to the wavelength of the human body and is more easily absorbed.

(3) Far-infrared heating plate: the far-infrared emission wavelength is precise, and the far-infrared wavelength emitted is 6-14 microns, which is in line with the human physiological rhythm, low energy consumption, and precise surface temperature control. However, the manufacturing process is complex, the core technology is difficult to master, the material cost is high, and the price is high.

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Far infrared saunas can be used in the following places:
Application site introduction
1. family;
2. Villa;
3. Beauty club
4. Leisure Center
5. Bath Center
6. Fitness center
7. Hotel
8. Resorts

The heating principle of far infrared
When far-infrared rays irradiate water molecules with electromagnetic properties, they will produce rotational motion (vibration), thereby giving the water molecules with electrical polarity motion energy, so that the molecules that are already in motion will accelerate and vibrate and collide with other molecules. A collision can generate a lot of heat. Far-infrared rays are not heat per se, but a form of light energy; it generates heat energy by irradiating molecules that collide with each other.

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