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Far Infrared Sauna - Health Benefits of Far Infrared

Purchased a smartmak far infrared sauna Customer feedback: It took me a little while to save money for it, but I received it a few weeks ago and have been in it almost every day since it arrived (at least 4-45 minutes). I tried sitting cross-legged on the floor as several reviewers mentioned. But I found my back uncomfortable and my legs felt cramps. After much trial and error (pillows, stacked towels, short wooden benches), I finally found a back seat for sitting in the stands ($6 at Walmart). I didn't show my full setup in the pictures I posted, but what I did was wrap the bed pillow over the seat with a beach towel, and then I put another beach towel over the whole thing to prevent the hot metal on the chair . I almost zip the tent and put a long, thin, heavy pad on top (the one I use when exercising on the floor) to better block the opening, then I zip the top of the zipper The flaps are cut a bit so I can see through the little peephole I created. Then I grab the water, put on a good show (currently watching the Jane Eyre series), and watch TV while I bake.

Infrared sauna room - the health care function of far infrared
Far-infrared rays are easily absorbed by water molecules. Therefore, when far-infrared rays irradiate the human body, they will absorb, penetrate and reflect with the human body. This process is called "bioresonance" by scientists. When the frequency range is basically consistent with the movement frequency of cyouzhaocheell body molecules and water molecules between atoms in the body, the energy is absorbed by the organism, thereby enhancing the immune function of the body, repairing damaged cells, and enhancing the regeneration ability of human biological cells and tissues. , Promote the microcirculation in the body, accelerate the supply of nutrient ribozymes, promote physical health, and release harmful substances and fats and excrete them from the body. Far-infrared rays give vitality to the body and at the same time remove toxins and garbage from the body.

In fact, the far-infrared rays acting on the human body are a kind of natural therapy. For our current diseases, far-infrared rays, as a kind of sunlight panacea, can achieve anti-disease and physiotherapy effects by activating the body's own functions. It will make an indelible contribution to the future of mankind. We should cherish this resource and use it rationally.
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