Five Quick Questions About Saunas

1Q: What is the thickness of the wood board in the sauna room?
Answer: The outer layer of wood is 5.5mm, the inner layer of wood is 5.5mm, the middle keel is 3.5cm, and the total is 4.6cm

2Q: What is the tile on the roof of the outdoor sauna?
Answer: Asphalt shingles

3Q: What is the power of a single heating tube in the sauna room?
Answer: 350W

4Q: What is the reason why the steam boiler does not produce steam?
Answer: 1. Check whether the cover is closed properly, and tighten it clockwise. 2. Check whether there is too much in the medicine box 3. Check whether the lower catheter is bent + connected well

5Q: What are the functions of tourmaline?
Answer: 1. Can permanently release negative ions, 2. Release far infrared rays, 3. Activate water molecules, increase the oxygen content of the body, 4. Improve the microcirculation system, 5. Promote metabolism, 6. Balance the pH of the body, 7. Improve human immune function
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