Foldable sauna box, steam room, home sauna

The bath box emits some steam like a rice cooker, and the effect is ok. Anyone who has used it knows that the temperature is difficult to moderate. Shopping and selling online is crazy. Cheap, easy to carry and easy to use.

The steam room and the authentic steam room are almost all used in commercial occasions, and the use effect is very good. Suitable for most people to use. Authentic ones are expensive.

Sauna room, now light wave room is also called sauna room, dry sauna room is also called sauna room. Each has its own advantages. In the past, most of the light wave rooms were mainly exported. Now, most of them are sold to beauty salons in usa. There are many online sales of combined types.

Like bath centers, star-rated hotels, fitness clubs are mainly dry sauna rooms. The temperature can be adjusted in a wide range, suitable for people who need to sweat. But not suitable for pregnant women and children.

The sauna rooms we recommend are available for both adults and children, and the price is cheap. Interested friends hurry up and place an order, and there are discounts for buying now.
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