Frequently Asked Questions about Sauna

How Do Saunas Work?

Infrared saunas heat your body directly. Infrared energy penetrates the body and raises core temperature - activating more pronounced sweating. EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) and EF (Electric Field) of some models using certain types of technology are lower than the environment in your home.

you look out for when buying an indoor sauna

There are some important security factors to consider here:
Non-toxic material. Your new sauna should be made of 100% non-toxic materials inside and out.
safety glass. Glass doors and windows shall be tempered safety glass.
Electrical certification.
Low EMF and low ELF levels.

What is a wood-fired sauna?

The sauna is wood-fired by a special stove that heats a pile of rocks. Pour water over the rocks to create steam for a true sauna experience. Saunas are traditionally used for bathing – with buckets of hot and cold water inside for washing and scrubbing.

How long does it take to warm up in a wood sauna?

The wood fire sauna takes a while to heat up. The ideal temperature is 176-194°F. Depending on size and conditions, you need to use it 30-60 minutes before your scheduled use.

The best temperature for a sauna?

The right temperature for a sauna depends on your preferences! Most people prefer a sauna between a traditional sauna at 150-175 degrees Fahrenheit and an infrared sauna at 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit.
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