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Garden Waterproof Traditional Sauna Steam Room

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Main Material : Solid Wood
Interior and Exterior Wood:Canadian Hemlock
Control Panel : Soft Touch Control Panel
Glass : 8mm Tempered Glass
Door handle : Wooden handle
Heater type : 6KW sauna tove
Feature : Computer Control Panel, With Transom Windows
Voltage : 220V
Operatting Temperature Range: 0°C - 90°C / 32°F - 170°F
Standard Configuration :
1. Control Panel(FM &MP3+USB)
2. Double Speaker
3. 6KW external control Stove Heater
4. Explosion-proof volcanic stone
5. Wooden bucket, Scoop
6. Sandglass,Hygrothermograph
7.8mm Transparent tempered glass
8. LED Reading Light
9. Wooden Door Handle
10.Outdoor roof + Shingles
11.Decorative stone
12.Outdoor lightApplication : Outdoor

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