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Give some experience and advice on using a far infrared sauna

Sweating is a good way to detox, is there any good way to sweat besides exercise? This article is some personal experience of the editor. Steaming Likang's home far-infrared sweat steamer has a good effect on the body. It can help the body to excrete toxins, reduce the burden on the liver, and achieve the effect of weight loss and beauty.

1. During the far-infrared sauna, you will sweat a lot, so you should use at least 2-3 towels, a large bath towel draped over your back, on the one hand to block part of the direct heat, on the other hand to absorb and dry the sweat, after a sauna, usually The towels were all wet. Towels should be placed under the seat cushion and under the feet to protect and clean the sauna.

To reduce pain and muscle tension, massage the uncomfortable area while you are in the sauna to help recover faster. According to the height and pain area of ​​each person, a shelf can also be placed on the bench to elevate the whole part, making it closer to the far-infrared heat source.

2. Open the door of the sauna room for ventilation after each sauna session, clean the interior of the sauna room after a period of time, and maintain a dry and clean environment.

The sauna room provides a peaceful and relaxing environment and plays some relaxing music, so do the sauna before going to sleep for a better sleep.

3. Because some water vapor from the human body will be released during the sauna process, the entire sauna room is best placed in a ventilated place, or a separate room, and must not be placed in the bedroom. I placed a pot of broadleaf monstera outside the sauna to absorb some of the moisture, and it worked well.

The high temperature generated by the far-infrared heater and the water vapor evaporated from the body will make the sauna feel a bit "stuffy". Therefore, there are cardiovascular diseases, and the elderly and infirm should avoid entering the sauna as much as possible.

4. There is a small window at the top of the sauna room, which is the air outlet. According to the principle of hot air rising, it can be used to adjust the air flow and let a proper amount of fresh air enter the sauna room.

The far-infrared sauna room is not large in size. The two inner sides of the sauna room are each 1.5 meters and 2 meters high. It is composed of several large pieces. Although it can be dismantled and built by yourself, it is more troublesome for beginners. So once installed, it is best not to change positions at will.
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