Happiness is the beauty of the sauna

Sauna is an integral part of our way of life, it’s how we meet and relax with each other, and how we stay in touch with nature, like taking a dip in a lake or sea after a sauna,

Saunas worth a special trip to Finland

The most frequently asked question by tourists visiting Finland for healing is: Can you recommend a few good saunas?

Finland is the promised land of saunas, so there are many different types of saunas to choose from, such as electric saunas (common in urban apartments, residential and office buildings), wood-heated and smoke saunas (common in cabins) As well as infrared, aroma, mobile and floating saunas.

When summer comes with few sunsets, one of the most memorable summer experiences in the Land of the Midnight Sun is a late-night sauna, followed by a dip in a lake or sea under the magical and endless midnight sun.

With so many options (more than 3 million saunas in this country of 5.5 million), here are our seven handpicked saunas (four of which are brand new) for summer 2022.
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