Hemlock/Red Cedar Wooden Outdoor Barrel Sauna Room

Heater :Wood-burning Stove / Electrical Stove

Smartmak Canadian Hemlock/Red Cedar Wooden Outdoor Barrel Sauna Room

Voltage : 220V / 380V
Size and Power
2 person size: diameter 1800*1200L mm, power: 4500W (220V)
2-4 person size: diameter 1800*1500L mm, power: 4500W(220V)
4-6 person size: diameter 1800*1800L mm, power: 6000W(220V)
6-8 person size: diameter 1800*2400L mm, power: 6000W / 9000W(240V/380V)
Terrace depth:1.64'
Operatting Temperature Range: 0°C - 90°C / 32°F - 195°F


Wooden Spoon / Wooden Barrel

Hand-made, flattened, externa rattan inlald on the surface.firm and beautiful.


Steel Ring
The outside of the sauna room is fixed with 3 steel rings, which makes the structure of the sauna room more stable, and also increases a certain degree of airtightness.

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