Home Sauna Price

Nowadays, the types of home saunas on the market are mainly fixed and mobile. When purchasing, it should be determined according to the size of the actual bathroom.

(1) Generally speaking, if you want to buy a fixed home sauna, the bathroom space should be large enough. In terms of price, mobile home saunas are generally small home saunas, so the price will be cheaper than fixed large home saunas.

(2) Even in the same style of home sauna, the price of home sauna will vary greatly due to the material, configuration and brand. The price of the most common mobile home sauna room is around several thousand yuan, and the price of a fixed home sauna room will reach tens of thousands of yuan.

(3) The price of a general far-infrared mobile home sauna room will be around 10,000 yuan. The price of a fixed home sauna using far infrared rays will reach 20,000 yuan or more.
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