How about a home sauna?

1. Beauty and skin care effect: Steam moisturizes the skin of the whole body, thereby activating the skin, avoiding rough, chapped and wrinkled skin caused by dry skin in winter, and at the same time removing the dirt blocked by the pores through perspiration, so that the skin is not burdened, and the skin is smooth and elastic. , make the body feel refreshed and happy.

2. Home health care: The steam sauna box is helpful for people who lack exercise, backache, fatigue and fatigue, as well as people with weak resistance and easy to catch colds, especially the elderly with rheumatism and joint pain, and female friends who are prone to cold hands and feet in winter and insomnia. Phenomenon can use "Edel" to promote blood circulation.

3. The method of losing weight by means of perspiration is called the "sweating weight loss method", which has a special weight-loss effect for edematous obese people. In usa, 60-70% of the people who lack exercise are edematous and obese. Adel portable sauna box is the choice for natural weight loss!

4. After 20 years of fumigation, you have been sweating profusely, your body is rosy, and your whole body is exuding the aroma of plant essential oils. At this time, you will find that your whole body is very relaxed and your pores are opened. Isn't this a good time to enjoy golden sleep?
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