How can I safeguard my outdoor sauna?

The first point is the moisture protection just mentioned. This can ensure that the steam room is in a dry state, and it has a good effect on the service life and appearance of the steam room.

The second point is sterilization. The steam room should be cleaned every day, especially the corners, toilets and other places. You can also put some anti-mosquito, cockroach and other medicines in inconspicuous places.

The third point is to pay attention to dehumidifying salt jewelry such as salt crystal light strips, salt crystal brick light strips, salt crystal lamps, salt bricks, and salt sand every day. Otherwise, the humidity in the air or in the steam room will cause these salt products to melt.

The material in the steam room should be soaked in water with a rag and then wrung out before it can be used for cleaning the steam room; the floor cleaning of the steam room should not be mopped with a mop, and it needs to be wrung out with a wet towel before cleaning.
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