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How does a portable steam sauna box work?

Portable steam sauna box works well

1. Promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine, remove excess blood lipids, discharge vascular waste, enhance blood vessel elasticity, and promote smooth blood flow

2. Unblock collaterals and activate blood, dispel cold and reduce inflammation, and insist on long-term fumigation, which has a good physical therapy effect on rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Activate the nerve endings in the legs, clear the meridians of the legs, and eliminate numbness in the legs.

Four Improve sleep, eliminate fatigue, eliminate sub-health state, and enhance human resistance.Hopefully my answer is of help to you.

The feedback I have used is ok. Steaming in the sauna is good for people's health. It does promote blood circulation, enhance perspiration, lose weight and skin care. I often go to the sauna.

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