How long can a barrel sauna be stored?

All our Red Cedar Barrel Saunas use 100% Canadian Red Cedar. We choose the highest quality red cedar for its proven weatherability and resistance to weathering. Red cedar is the best wood choice for extending outdoor life. With proper care and maintenance, your red cedar sauna should last 15-20 years, and even longer with good maintenance.

Be careful not to use the dirty water after bathing, so as not to absorb the sewage and accelerate the aging or produce mildew. When not in use on weekdays, you can also put a little water to let the wooden barrel absorb water and keep the wood moist, but be careful not to leave the dirty water after bathing, so as to prevent the wood from absorbing sewage and aging, or producing mildew.

If the outer iron ring is loose after the barrel has been used for a period of time, you can turn the barrel over, knock down the iron grille gently with a small mallet, and then fix it.
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