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How long can a barrel sauna last?

how long to use in the sauna

Once a week is enough, you don't need to steam too much, and steam for a while to take away the moisture in your skin.

No matter whether it is dry or wet, it is best for no more than 20 minutes at a time. After steaming once, you can soak or rinse with cold water, which is called "low temperature river", so that the outflow will flow out, and then come in and steam for more than ten minutes, you can only dry it. Steaming or only wet steaming can also be carried out alternately, but the total time period added is 30-40 minutes.

Precautions for sauna use

1. It is not necessary to repeatedly enter and exit the steam room during the steaming process to prevent catching a cold.

2. You don't need to rub the dirt on the body when steaming, just wipe it gently with a rag to prevent the sebaceous glands from not being able to metabolize normally.

3. It is necessary to fill the water reasonably to avoid physical overdraft, but do not drink water intentionally in order to sweat better.

4. A time period of one hour is appropriate. Before here, you can exercise moderately, but not too much. Take care of your body and relax.
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