How long is the best time to do a sauna?

How long is the best sauna

Once a week is enough, don't steam too much, as steaming too much will take away the moisture in the skin. No matter dry or wet steaming, after steaming once, you can soak or rinse with cold water, which is called "supercooling river", so that the discharged secretions flow away, and then go in and steam for more than ten minutes. process alternately.

It is advisable to take a sauna for about 40-60 minutes each time. You can also make some adjustments according to your physical strength and physique. You need to drink more water during the period. You do not need to take a bath within six hours after the sauna. It is not suitable for taking too cold ingredients.

If you feel dizziness and other discomforts during the whole sauna session, you should stop immediately and take a moderate rest before starting again.

What is the most suitable "steaming" temperature

Generally, the suitable temperature is 80℃~85℃ for dry steaming, but the temperature suitable for oriental people is 45℃~60℃, and it is best for people not to exceed 10 minutes in high temperature.

There is no uniform standard for how many degrees the sauna should be at. What we need to know is that while enjoying life, physical health is the most important thing. Everyone's physique is different, you can't blindly pursue the sauna, if you feel unwell, you must stop immediately.
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