How long is the best time to take a sauna? what is the benefit?

Dry sauna. The normal sauna routine is: you can do anything before, take a shower before entering the sauna, wet your skin, and enter the sauna. Commercial saunas are generally two-tiered benches. You want to sweat quickly and sit on the upper bench because the hot air is at the top and the temperature is high. If you feel that the temperature is not enough, you can splash water to make the temperature rise, and you can inhale water vapor, which has the effect of clearing your nose. After sweating for two minutes, come out and take a bath, rinse the sweat off your body, and then enter again. Generally, two or three cycles are enough.

The whole time is best not more than 15 minutes, there is an hourglass timer in the sauna room, look at the scale, 5, 10, 15 minutes. Bring a glass of water in between, and drink in moderation when your lips or mouth feel dry while steaming. Bring a towel in and dry it off when you sweat a lot.

No need to paint anything. The main purpose of a sauna is to sweat. It is also a waste to paint. Note that it is best not to splash water, considering safety issues. If the temperature is not enough to sit on the upper floor, the general commercial sauna room is preheated in advance. After taking a shower, you can find a room to lie down and rest. If the conditions are good, you can do a massage or oil.
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