How long should you stay in the sauna?

1. Urinate before taking a sauna.

2. Do not wash your hair before the sauna. It is best to wash the day before and wear a shower cap in the shower.

3. Shower gel before sauna.

4. Drink 500ml of warm water in the shower before sweating.

5. Do not apply a mask while sweating.

6. Do not take a bath for 8-10 hours after sweating.

Within 2 hours, do not touch cold things, eat cold things, and do not blow cold air.

In short, you can't catch a cold after sweating, and you are susceptible to evil winds.

7. The cold and cold sweat get better quickly.

8. Drink warm water while sweating.

9. Use a towel to test the sweat in the steam room.

10. Do not sweat for half an hour on an empty stomach or a full meal.

11. Do not sweat during menstruation.

12. Don't sweat after drinking.

13. The total time of the sauna is best controlled within 35 minutes.
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