How long will it take to enjoy a sauna?

How long will it take to enjoy a sauna?

Usually it takes about an hour.

How long does it take to reach the right temperature?

Set the thermostat to the temperature you need, turn on the switch to warm up for about 30-60 minutes, and you and your family can take turns or share.

Where does the heat in the sauna come from?

Electricity is usually used, and stoves heated by firewood or natural gas have entered the museum.

Under what circumstances cannot use the sauna?

Please do not use the sauna after overeating or if you have a severe cough, and use it with special care in patients with severe heart disease and high blood pressure.

How long is it appropriate to stay in a sauna?

The average bather can take a warm shower every 5-10 minutes.

Do I need to rest after the sauna?

Yes, first shower with cold water to shrink pores and blood vessels (of course, if you like warm showers, it is also good), then relax and rest for 5 minutes to return to normal body temperature, you will feel refreshed and completely relieved.

How often is a sauna suitable?

Do it according to your needs, and you can do it daily if you feel it is necessary. In general, many families or couples regularly spend 1-2 nights a week enjoying themselves.

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