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How many calories does a sauna burn

How many calories per hour of sweating

Because different people have different physiques, the energy consumed by steaming for 60 minutes is also different. According to records, the average person consumes about 600 calories by steaming for 60 minutes. Although steaming has many benefits to the body, the frequency and time of steaming should not be too high, 40 to 50 minutes in winter, and 30 minutes at a time in summer.

1. Improve the survival temperature of the human body, prevent premature aging, and sub-healthy people who lack energy;

2. Rehabilitation after illness, postpartum rehabilitation, mentally stressed and physically exhausted workers;

3. Skin beautifying and body sculpting, weight loss, breast enhancement and breast enhancement, improvement of facial microcirculation, antibacterial beauty;

4. Normal people can also sweat steam, improve internal circulation, promote metabolism, and keep young.
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