How many people fit in a outdoor barrel sauna?

Can I have a barrel sauna indoors?

Are outdoor barrel saunas allowed indoors? Yes. Our barrel saunas are designed with the outdoors in mind; the barrel shape resists moisture and the western red cedar is weather resistant. But it works just as well indoors as it does outdoors.

How many people can a barrel sauna accommodate?

The circular concept of the barrel sauna makes it unique and very efficient to heat while promoting proper air flow. This barrel sauna is 2 meters in diameter and 3 meters long and can accommodate 2-6 people.

Do barrel saunas work in cold weather?

Barrel saunas can work in climates with a lot of snow, which acts as insulation, but may fall short in temperate regions such as the UK and most of Europe.

How long does it take for a barrel sauna to heat up?

The cylindrical design allows the barrel sauna to heat up faster than a typical sauna and to reach the optimum temperature within 30-45 minutes!

Are barrel saunas wet or dry?

Whether it's dry heat or a cloud of steam, you can choose, it's just a matter of taste and lifestyle. People often confuse a "wet sauna" with a steam room, although the two are quite different. All saunas have radiant air heaters with volcanic stones.
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